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Copywriting Courses

Copywriting – would you like to write like a professional? Here’s a doubly whammy for you …

Enrol online* for one of our short copywriting courses during August and we’ll donate £20 to the British Heart Foundation.  

Whammy 1 – You’ll give your copywriting skills the kiss of life
Whammy 2 – You’ll be helping fund vital research into heart disease

These courses are delivered completely online at just £115.00 per course. Enrol online during August 2015 and we’ll donate £20.00 to the British Heart Foundation’s Challenge50 appeal.  Choose from one of the three online copywriting courses:

For more information on any of our copywriting courses, contact us on 0345 257 2013 or by .

* offer applies only to short copywriting course enrolments purchased online through this website.

Why Choose an Online Copywriting Course?

With today’s technology, studying online provides a valuable and effective learning experience. It means you can work at your own pace, at a time convenient to you, and from any location. It also means you don’t have to travel to the course venue, saving you time and money.

Copywriting workshops often run for half a day, or in some cases, a full day. This limits the amount of information that can be delivered in any one session. In addition, they are often prohibitively expensive, putting them out of the reach of many individuals and small businesses.

Studying online is affordable, and without the time constraints, you benefit from more comprehensive training. With a full year’s access to all CTL’s short copywriting courses, you can top up your learning anytime you need a refresher.

Copywriting Training Ltd’s Learning Management System

All these short copywriting courses are delivered using a dedicated online ‘learning management system’ (LMS). Schools, colleges and other educational establishments across the world use learning management systems very similar to the one used by CTL.

Each person has their own secure log-in account to access the course material. These short copywriting courses also include a wide range of research and task activities, self-assessment exercises and revision tests, all contained within the LMS.

Take the first step towards learning copywriting today. You can request a prospectus or enrol online right now. If you’d like advice on which course to choose, simply or call the Student Office on 0345 257 2013.