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Press Release Writing Course Syllabus

‘Writing Powerful Press Releases’ is an online study course. Using a dedicated learning management system, this press release writing course teaches you everything you need to know about writing press releases in easy-to-understand steps. As well as additional activities, self-assessment exercises and revision tests, the course includes a tutor-assessed assignment and a completion certificate. Enrol for the Press Release Writing Course now for just £115.00.

Module 1: Introduction to PR

  • What is PR?
  • The importance of good press releases
  • Is PR free?
  • Online and offline PR

Module 2: Generating PR and selecting the media

  • How to develop a PR mindset
  • What’s newsworthy?
  • Ways to generate PR
  • Researching the media
  • Targeting the media

Module 3: Writing styles

  • Copywriting tricks of the trade
  • The importance of fonts
  • What is white space?
  • Letter ‘cases’
  • Text alignment
  • Structuring your copy
  • Tight copy

Module 4: The elements of a press release

  • The importance of headlines
  • What are the 5Ws?
  • Writing in a logical sequence
  • The spokesperson’s quote
  • What are ‘notes to editors’?

Module 5: Writing online press releases

  • Benefits of online PR
  • SEO in a nutshell
  • Using keywords in your press release
  • What are links?
  • Posting press releases online

Module 6: Distributing your press releases

  • How to send a press release
  • Tailoring press releases for different audiences

Module 7: End of course assessment

  • Tutor-assessed copywriting assignment

Learn how to promote your business today by harnessing the power of PR.  The cost of this comprehensive press release writing course is just £115.00 – enrol today!