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Specialist Distance Learning Copywriting Trainers

Copywriting Training Ltd (CTL) is the UK’s, if not the world’s, only specialist copywriting distance learning provider. Today, CTL’s online and distance learning copywriting courses attract students from across the globe.

Short Online Copywriting Courses

CTL’s short online copywriting courses were created to meet the needs of marketers, small business owners and web masters, etc., who want to learn specific copywriting skills. Many people’s work includes some copywriting, and previously their only training options were expensive workshops or in-house training.

Learning online is a considerably more flexible, cost-effective and comprehensive training opportunity than attending a workshop or in-house training session. These short copywriting courses have a study time of around 12 – 15 hours. The average workshop is three hours long and much of that knowledge isn’t retained. With online learning, you can revisit the course material as often as you like, so you can reinforce your learning with practical experience.

The Copywriting Apprentice

Copywriting Training Ltd was established in 2012 to deliver specialist distance learning copywriting courses for would-be copywriters, and to address some of the low industry standards. Other companies delivering distance learning copywriting courses are not specialists and offer a wide range of unrelated courses. The Copywriting Apprentice is the company’s full, professional level course for would-be copywriters.

If you would like more information about any of CTL’s copywriting courses, you can call the Student Office on 02392 503742 or here.