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Blogging for Business Course Syllabus

Blogging for Business is a comprehensive e-learning course. Working online using our dedicated learning management system, you will learn how to become an effective business blogger.

At the end of the course, you complete a blogging assignment which is appraised by one of our experienced tutors, and you will receive a completion certificate.

What’s Included?

  • 6 comprehensive study modules
  • 14 additional activities
  • 6 online tests
  • 1 self-assessment exercise
  • 2 information downloads
  • 2 screencast tutorials

Blogging for Business Course Modules

Module 1: About blogs

  • Benefits of blogging
  • Blogging as part of content marketing
  • Blogging and SEO
  • Lifestyle blogs

Module 2: Writing styles

Copywriting tricks of the trade

  • The importance of fonts
  • What is white space?
  • Letter ‘cases’
  • Text alignment
  • Structuring your copy
  • Tight copy
  • The ‘Paramedic Method’

Module 3: What to blog about

  • Blog topics and categories
  • Identifying blog topics from your own services
  • Other sources of blog topics
  • Plagiarism!

Module 4: Blogs and SEO

  • What are keywords?
  • Using keywords in your blogs
  • The importance of links
  • Anchor text
  • HTML coded headings

Module 5: Writing your blog

  • The ‘inverted pyramid’ style of writing
  • The importance of a good title or headline
  • Why you need a good opening paragraph
  • Organising your blog in a logical sequence
  • Why you should be generous with your knowledge
  • How much to write
  • Why a blog needs a conclusion

Module 6: Blog marketing

  • Social media
  • Online blog directories
  • Blog subscriptions and RSS feeds
  • Like-minded bloggers
  • Kindle sales
  • Blog awards

Don’t put off blogging any longer. Enrol today and find your blogging niche!